Art Supplies


Jerrys Artarama  has good prices, often free shipping and is reliable.

Frankenframes  Is a fabulous family run business that has a wide collection of wood frames of all prices. Inexpensive metal sectional framing. Shipping costs however, the more you buy the cheaper the shipping.


Oriental Art Supply Also known as OAS, this shop is a definitely boon to any who work in Asian Ink Painting. Their brushes are consistently very good unlike any of the ones I have purchased in US stores. The ink sticks are full of pigment with little binder which means it produces a rich pasty ink. The paper, especially the raw suen is a pleasure to work on as well as being reasonably priced. I can not speak highly enough of this resource.

Talas While this is mainly a book binding shop, it has many resources helpful to the Asian Ink Painter. They stock various glues used in book repair that can be used for making scrolls, including an excellent seaweed glue. They also carry traditional Japanese brushes though they are quite expensive. The Genji brocade is wonderful for making scrolls.



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