Sunflower Oil Painting
Into the Sun
24 x 28

One of my greatest joys is painting people’s stories— especially children’s.
Each winter I look for 3-4 interesting stories to tell..

2014 Commissions- A sold piece remained in the gallery over the summer while the new owners finished building their house. 3 different families asked for commissions based on the style I developed for that piece. It is applying the pastel using movement emulating the texture of the object being painted. All 3 wanted fall scenes. These were tremendously fun to do since while they had common elements the feelings in each were different.

This is the painting:

Pastel of Maine trees
Geishya Along Rt 1

And these the evolution of this style:

Maine Fall Trees
And the Trees Begin to Dance
32 x 36
Petit Manan Generations Pastel 3 x 6 Feet
Petit Manan Generations
Pastel 3 x 6 Feet
Pastel Maine Fall Painting
Generations Detail.. This painting is so big it is hard to see the detail in a full reproduction.
Pastel Maine Fall
Sun East, Wind West


Maine Fall Tree Pastel
Petit Manan Heath











Samples of kinpakku Commissions:

Moon- kinpakku 24 x 36
Moon- kinpakku
24 x 36
Gold Leaf Maine Woods Painting
Into Spring Woods
24 x 28
Gold Leaf Maine Sea Painting
Iris Tidal Pools
Meditations on the Ball







Commission Process
1. Call or email me with your ideas and I will send a form which will help us identify what is wanted.
2. Send image if from an old family photo.
3. If from life and it is children, we will get together where the children are happy playing so I can watch and photograph them.
4. If it is treasured objects or location we will discuss the ‘feel’ you would like captured.
5. If it is a portrait (any facial appearance) then unless it is of a person no longer with us, we will have a sitting for sketching and photographing.
6. Next we discuss which medium can best  create the feel you want- watercolor is liquid and ethereal, oil clear crisper edged, subtle muted color, pastel is tender with very
vibrant colors and Asian Ink or Gold leaf are for capturing the essence or spirit of a place, person or thing.

7.Once the painting is finished  I email images. If approved then the client has 2 choices for payment:

1. Installment plan- Clients sends %20 down payment then completes payment once they take possession of the picture

2. Paying outright- Clients sends down payment then pays rest once they take possession of picture

No deposit is necessary if the picture is one I believe will sell should the client choose not to purchase it. However, at completion and acceptance 20% must be paid to hold the picture. This is necessary since the sale of my work is what pays our bills.

Mom Reading to Child
Winter TIme of Wonder

A stern man asked me to paint his captain’s kids as an Xmas present. I had fun building this
from multiple photos and watching the kids at school and studying life on fishing boats in our harbor.

Maine Fisherman Family
FIshing the Next Generation
Pastel Fishing fAMILY
Family Fishing


Straight Up On Rocks


Theclient brought in the bottle and glasses saying,
“Do whatever you want just include these!” So I placed them on the railing behind their house.


This was done from an old family photograph which unfortunately was washed out from the camera’s flash.


For this painting, I observed the children and took dozens and dozens of photographs:

tidal play
Tidal Play


Doc’s Loves


Winter’s Time of Wonder


The Lesson


Sir Knight Rides the Maine Woods Dragon

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  1. Hi, still love your painting and just looking at it (in my walls or online)
    Is rejuvenating.
    I get more one day soon,
    Hope you’re good, feeling solvent and happy-ish

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