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 Original Paintings of Maine in Pastel, Watercolor, Oil, Asian Ink and Japanese Gold Leaf.

I have started a new project- 3 hour oil paintings of life in Maine.

Visit Original Oil Sketches to view these $50 works.

Oil flower painting

Twisted #2


December 3rd. 10AM – 8 PM Food, Fun, Music

ALL FRAMED PAINTINGS ON SALE between %10-%50 off depending on how long they have been in the gallery.

Pastel of Maine Fishing Boats

Primary Quiet
Pastel on Sandpaper. 30% Off

Pastel Maine Coast

Little Moose-Finding Cynefin %20 off



I will be at SevenArts in Ellsworth November 21,24  December 5,6,14,21,28


Designing Women Show: Portsmouth NH, November 28 9-4:00,

Portland Maine, December 12 9-4:00



Being essentially a visual story teller, I work in 5 different mediums choosing the one with the right ‘voice’ for the story being told.

beribboned-223x300Watercolor is liquid and amorphous; I let the water move the pigment.

Soft pastel on sand paper builds depth taking the eye into the picture. Using a tender wrist while not blending, I can build 10-15 distinct layers  including using complementary and warm and cool colors.

Oil is goopy and richly textured.

Pastel Flower


Asian Ink is immediate capturing the essence or spirit of what is being painted. This medium and the Gold Leaf are a wedding of my two cultures. Having lived on the coast in both Maine and Northern Japan engendered my reverence for the rawness of less civilization and these mediums with their use of negative space capture this.

Asian Ink Painting of Crow

Hunkered Down

gold leaf shore

After Snow Before High Tide

Gold leaf is eloquent ever changing in all different lights.